What is Eezziflate

Innovative inflation and sealing device.

  • Works with the simplest of poolside inflatables and the heavier garden and camping product ranges.

Simple & Efficient

  • Eezziflate makes inflation simple and efficient by reducing required effort.
  • Enables the whole family to share responsibility for their own products.

Wide aperture inflation tube

  • The wide aperture inflation tube enables quick inflation and deflation.
  • Compatible with any pump or inflation device.
  • Packing away any product fitted with the Eezziflate valve is easier compared to products fitted with existing valve systems.

Simple to Use.

  • The Eeziflate valve is simple and effective to open and close.
  • The inflation tube just rolls up and is locked in place with the Velcro flap.
  • To let air our lift off the Velcro flap, unroll the tube and squeeze the air out.

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